Cetiras-EVFounded in 2007, with is headquarters in the city of Estância Velha, Rio Grande do Sul, CeTiras was born from the vast experience of more than 20 years in the footwear industry of its members Cedenir Marques and Celso Roque Marques. The company is specialized in manufacturing leather straps and synthetic straps for footwear, bags, leather goods, pet shop goods and other fashion accessories.

CeTiras pays constant attention to maintaining the quality of its products, which include everything from folded or sewn straps to whips, braids, elastics and uppers. With the fast service offered by its sales and production departments, the company currently distributes its products in the Sinos and Taquari River Valleys and the Belo Horizonte and São Paulo regions, and is capable of serving clients all across Brazil and the internacional market as well.


Cedenir Marques


Celso Roque Marques